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Vegetarian Kousa Mahshi (Stuffed Squash)

cooking with Abby

Kousa Mahshi is a traditional Mediterranean dish.  Whenever I make it, I’m reminded of my mom, the person who taught me how to make this dish, and how to cook. It’s a comfort food to me, and makes me remember feeling safe, nourished, and loved by my mother, working side by side with her.

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Betingan Makdous (Pickled & Stuffed Eggplants)


Knowing how to preserve the bountiful harvest of the summer helps us decide which vegetables and fruits to grow or buy, and, how to store them through the cold winter months ahead. Some of my earliest memories were helping my mom and grandma prepare makdous for the winter.

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Brownie~Banana~Peanut Caramel~Ice Cream Cake


Celebrating my husband’s birthday today. Happy birthday, honey! I’m so glad to be a special part of your life. I am thankful and honored you have chosen me to share it with. In celebration of this your special day, I have made this special Brownie~Banana~Peanut Caramel~Ice Cream Cake.

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