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Just the flax, maam

What’s in the crackers?  Flax
What else?  Herbs, spices, and raw aminos.
How do you cook them?  You don’t, they’re raw.
How do they taste?  Great.
Are they healthy?  Very.
Anything else?  They’re guilty…..of being addictive.

Just kidding.  That’s my imitation of the “Dragnet” interrogation concerning these Raw Flax Crackers.

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Nutty Mock Tuna Salad

Mock Tuna

I like to eat a good balance of cooked and raw foods, trying to eat about 60-70% raw and maybe 30-40% cooked.  Some days I do better than others, but for the most part I’m close to these numbers.  The main reason for this is I just feel lighter when I eat a lot of raw.  Also, many plant nutrients can be destroyed by cooking, so it’s good to know which plants are better raw versus cooked.  Things like potatoes are pretty obvious, but some things like mushrooms also turn out to be healthier when cooked.  You’ve probably heard about tomatoes and how lycopene is increased when they’re cooked.  This is a good thing, as lycopene is not only an essential nutrient, but has been shown to reduce cancer risk.  Anyway, I’m kind of wondering off topic.  In my efforts to eat more raw, I present another take on vegan tuna salad, this time incorporating soaked walnuts.  Soaking walnuts helps to reduce the amount of phytates, or antinutrients, they contain, thus making it easier to absorb the many nutrients this dish provides.  As with most topics such as nuts and phytates, there are many schools of thought on them, and it’s hard to get good solid information saying absolutely yea or nay.  On one hand, walnut studies have shown them to be a health promoting nut with respect to heart disease (See here).  On the other they do contain phytates, which can inhibit nutrient absorption.  I guess, as with most things except leafy greens and whole fruits and veggies, all things in moderation.  Anyway, I present my Nutty Mock Tuna Salad.  Hope you enjoy.

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Mock “Tuna” Salad


I’ve been slacking a little on my blog during the holiday season, but now it’s time to get back to it.  Two of my New Years resolutions are to try to eat more raw foods, and to add more raw entrees to the recipes on my blog. 

This mock tuna salad recipe fits the bill both ways.  It’s totally raw and tastes amazing.  I happened to come upon a packaged mock tuna made by Zia’s cafe, and just had to try and recreate it.

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