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Smoked Tempeh ‘Bacon’


If you’re plant based or vegan, the one excuse that you hear all the time from people for not being plant based is “bacon”.  Typically the conversation is, “plants are nutritious, and meet all the requirements for maintaining the health of your body”, the response to which is “But bacon”.  For some reason people love their bacon.  Well, let me assure you, you can go vegan and still get your bacon fix with options like this tempeh bacon.  I’ve done and seen many other types of vegan bacon, but this one is pretty easy and hits all the notes for smokey and savory.  So the next time bacon is the response, hit’em with a piece of this tempeh (not literally of course).  The piggies will thank you.

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Superfood Bars

Superfood Bars (1)

These raw superfood energy bars are amazing.  Enjoy them for breakfast, for dessert, or as a quick pick me up. When I saw them, I thought they’d be like a lot of the previous bars I’d had.  Many times bars like these don’t provide a cohesive bite, meaning they seem like a lot of good components put together that don’t quite come together.

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Breakfast Soufflé

Vegan Soufflé (1)

Somewhere between an omelette and a soufflé there is a zone in which this dish resides.  It incorporates silken tofu as the binder, and as with any of these types of dishes you can substitute whichever veggies you favor to personalize it to your liking.  I was trying to come up with a good name for it, and after considering such mouthfuls as soufomelette I finally settled on touffle.  A mouthful of this touffle will make you a believer in delicious vegan breakfasts.

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Eggless Salad

Raw Vegan Egg Salad

Sometimes I hear a phrase and it strikes me as being odd, so I Google it to see where it originated.  Case in point is the phrase “good egg”, as in “he/she’s a good egg”, meaning a good person.  Turns out this phrase became popular around 1900, but has it’s origins dating back to when the phrase “bad egg” was popular in the 1850’s.

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Oatmeal Torture


I am currently in the process of torturing my husband with one of his least favorite plant based foods, oatmeal.  He calls it bland gruel, and doesn’t typically like the flavor or texture.  The problem is, even though his cholesterol has dropped 70 points (without meds) since going plant based (YAY!), it’s still not where it needs to be (Strong evidence from a wide variety of sources shows that total serum cholesterol levels must be kept below 150 mg/dL to stem America’s epidemic of coronary artery disease. Even if all Americans kept their total cholesterol below 200 mg/dL, as recommended by the American Heart Association, millions would develop coronary artery disease).

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